The Science of Acupuncture

Feb 22, 2024 | Health, Videos

For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used to treat a variety of ailments and has stood the test of time. Now, the respected science community is beginning to recognize its potential and efficacy. BBC Two’s documentary, spearheaded by Professor Kathy Sykes from Bristol University, delves into how TCM is being revitalized with scientific backing.

From acupressure to herbal remedies, this documentary explores how these traditional methods of treatment are being studied and practiced in modern times. With new evidence-based research, Professor Sykes will explore why people are increasingly turning towards these alternative methods of healing.

In addition to examining the science behind TCM, this documentary also focuses on those who have benefited from these treatments. Through their stories, audiences can gain insight into the power of such ancient practices in our lives today. The film follows individuals from around the world that have had positive experiences with TCM as well as those seeking to discover new ways to use these treatments for their own health needs.

This groundbreaking documentary promises to bring clarity and understanding into traditional Chinese medicine. By showcasing case studies and research results, viewers will be able to experience firsthand how modern day science is recognizing these alternative forms of healing. If you’re looking for an informative watch on a topic that has been around for centuries, then BBC Two’s “Traditional Chinese Medicine” is not one you should miss!

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David B