The Man with the Seven Second Memory

May 10, 2024 | Health

The Man With the Seven Second Memory tells a remarkable story about Clive Wearing, a man who was once an “intellectual colossus” and highly acclaimed conductor and musician. In 1985, his life changed drastically when he became infected with a virus that severely impacted the memory-retaining areas of his brain. As a result, he lives in a near-constant state of reawakening in which his memories are fleeting at best.

This documentary provides an intimate look into Clive’s life and explores how the human mind works when faced with severe challenges. It shows how even though Clive’s short-term memories are fleeting, some of what he loves most is still ingrained in him and goes beyond what can be remembered. For instance, despite not being able to recall his own age or what day it is, he never forgets his wife’s name.

The Man With the Seven Second Memory is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Its compassionate portrayal of Clive’s daily struggle helps viewers gain insight into how living with a neurological disorder impacts one’s life and relationships. The film also marvels at the mysteries of Wearing’s condition and showcases the power of music as therapy for those dealing with long-term memory loss.

If you want to get an inside look at this poignant story that will create both empathy and admiration in its viewers, watch The Man With the Seven Second Memory to witness how Clive has found ways to cope with his condition while reclaiming joy in life through music.

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David B