The Man Who Ate Himself to Death

Aug 11, 2023 | Health, Videos

Ricky Naputi’s story is truly a tragic one. His love of junk food was so consuming, it eventually led to his death. The Man Who Ate Himself to Death documentary takes an intimate look into his life and the consequences of his obsession with food.

Naputi had struggled with weight issues for most of his life. He had continually tried to control it by dieting, but he just couldn’t stay away from the unhealthy food he craved—which eventually led him to cross a dangerous line.

The documentary details how Ricky started binging on foods like chips, candy, and soda in large amounts—upwards of 15,000 calories per day! After some time, these binge-eating episodes spiraled out of control and caused severe health issues such as kidney disease and congestive heart failure. Despite warnings from doctors and family members, Ricky continued this gluttonous lifestyle until it became too late.

Ultimately, the Man Who Ate Himself to Death provides an eye-opening account of how an unhealthy relationship with food can become toxic if not addressed in time. It’s an important reminder that no matter how hard it might be to resist delicious junk food cravings, we must strive for healthier alternatives if we want to maintain good physical health in the long run.

This riveting documentary shows us how a person’s life can be forever altered by their relationship with food—or lack thereof. As heartbreaking as Ricky Naputi’s story may be, it serves as an important warning about the dangers of unhealthy eating habits when left unchecked. Do yourself a favor and watch this gripping documentary; you won’t regret it!

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David B