The Lazarus Effect

Nov 1, 2023 | Health, Videos

For those living with HIV in Zambia, life-saving antiretroviral medicine can be a true lifesaver. This 30 minute documentary showcases the power of these treatments and how they help bring hope to countless individuals. In as few as 40 days, just two pills that cost less than 40 cents a day can have an incredible impact on someone’s life.

The film follows the stories of real people living with HIV in Zambia and how their lives have been changed through the use of this medication. From health improvements to greater access to education, employment, and more fulfilling relationships, viewers will gain insight into the many ways ARV therapy greatly enhances quality of life for those who need it most. The stories are both inspiring and heartbreaking; as we watch each individual’s journey unfold, we are reminded of just how important these treatments can be for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS continues to cause suffering for so many around the world but there is much hope that things will improve in the future thanks to medical advances like antiretroviral therapy. We encourage you to watch this thoughtful documentary which shows us that no matter what challenges life throws our way, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

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David B