Sleepy Hollow, Kazakhstan

Oct 20, 2023 | Health, Videos

For more than three years, an epidemic of sleep has been plaguing the small village of Kalachi. It was a mystery to medical researchers and scientists alike, as no virus could be attributed as the cause. However, some of those afflicted had suffered strokes prior to their diagnosis. The affected children were identified to have diffuse brain oedema or swelling in the brain.

Though many sought answers for this strange condition, few solutions seemed evident and researchers were left puzzled. It wasn’t until a documentary was released that public awareness of Kalachi’s plight spread across the globe. The documentary showcased the stories of those affected by the sleeping epidemic as well as the efforts made by researchers in trying to find a cure.

This compelling film sheds light on a lesser-known medical issue and is essential viewing for anyone wishing to learn more about this mysterious sleeping disorder and its effects on those living in Kalachi. By watching this documentary, viewers are given an intimate look into what life is like for those who suffer from this affliction and also gain insight into how medical professionals have worked tirelessly to tackle it.

Ultimately, it is hoped that through watching this documentary, people will be motivated to help find a cure for Kalachi’s sleeping epidemic so that no one else has to suffer from its debilitating effects ever again.

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David B