Seeds of Freedom

Sep 13, 2023 | Health, Videos

Seeds of Freedom is a powerful and compelling documentary that tells the story of how seeds, a staple of traditional agriculture, have been transformed into a commodity used to control global food production.

The film starts by exploring the roots of seed keeping in traditional farming systems across the world, highlighting the diversity and resilience of these methods which have provided sustenance for generations. It then turns its focus to big agribusinesses that are using their power and influence to drive out small farmers and take complete control of the food system. The consequences are far-reaching and it’s not just farmers affected – consumer choice is also being limited as a result.

By examining both sides of this complex issue, Seeds of Freedom offers unique insight into a critical problem faced in today’s world. The comprehensive research undertaken for this film makes it essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding the current state of global food production or looking for information on how to create an equitable environment in which everyone has access to healthy food choices.

From documentaries on seed sovereignty and biodiversity conservation, to new agricultural technologies and community-led initiatives, Seeds of Freedom presents an eye-opening exploration into a subject that affects us all. By watching this documentary, viewers can gain valuable knowledge about how we can protect our global food supplies for future generations.

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David B