Robert’s Story: Dying with Dignity

Oct 17, 2023 | Health, Political, Videos

Robert Schwartz was a life-long dreamer who never quite made his dreams come true. At the age of 50, he is dying from AIDS, a tragic and debilitating disease that has wracked his body for the past decade. In his final days, Robert is traveling to Oregon’s Medical Science University to pick up a lethal dose of drugs that have been prescribed to him, not as an act of suicide but rather as a means of control over how he will end his life.

The documentary film “The Final Wish” follows Robert’s heartbreaking journey and gives viewers an intimate look at what it means to live and die with dignity. Through interviews with family and friends, we learn about Robert’s struggles and triumphs even in the face of death. We see the effects this illness has had on those who love him and how it leaves them struggling to cope with the prospect of losing him too soon.

Although many documentaries provide insight into medical conditions and treatments, few truly capture the emotional rollercoaster experienced by those living with terminal illnesses—but The Final Wish does just that. By following Robert’s story through its various stages, viewers are able to gain a better understanding of what it means when someone chooses to take control of their own fate in spite of fear and despair. This film provides an honest portrayal of courage in one man’s battle against an incurable disease and reminds us all that life can still be lived fully until its very end.

We highly encourage everyone to watch The Final Wish documentary — which is now available on streaming platforms — if only to pay tribute to Robert Schwartz’s amazing story and gain more insight into this heartbreaking yet inspiring topic.

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David B