People & Power: The Cancer Sell

Oct 14, 2023 | Health, Videos

People & Power: The Cancer Sell takes viewers on a journey to Tijuana, Mexico to explore the many alternative cancer therapy clinics. Sarah Macdonald leads the way in this investigative documentary. She discovers their are several online supplement stores and cancer chat rooms. 25 minutes.

These alternative cancer therapy clinics provide a series of different treatments. Offering everything from Laetrile to hypothermia and Sono Photo Dynamic therapy. It might be seem crazy and a little far-fetched to believe these treatments are actually successful rather than a hoax. But, diagnosed with a terminal cancer or if someone close to me was dying from the terrible disease I might consider it in a desperate attempt to save myself or my loved one.

As you will see in this interesting documentary, these clinics are claiming survival rates higher than the best hospitals in our country. Macdonald, who is a breast cancer survivor explores these clinics, what they offer and how they “cure” this terrible disease. By using treatment methods that have not been tested on humans, but rather animals, many of these clinics offer hope to people battling cancer. With that hope unfortunately comes a hefty price tag. What are your thoughts, are these clinics offering false hope to cancer patients and their loved ones?

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David B