Music on the Brain

Jun 4, 2024 | Health

Music has long been regarded as a powerful force capable of stirring emotion and connecting individuals to each other. In recent years, research has increasingly focused on its potential for therapeutic applications. Now, a new documentary entitled Music on the Brain explores how music can be used to help dementia patients in an advanced aged home in Australia.

The film follows the caregivers at the aged home as they work hard to connect with their patients and inspire positive changes in their conditions. Astonishingly, they have found great success through an unlikely source—music. As the documentary delves into this subject, it reveals some truly remarkable discoveries about the power of music.

For instance, research has revealed that music stimulates multiple areas of the brain simultaneously, allowing us access to emotions that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to tap into so quickly or easily. It’s also been found that certain pieces of music are linked directly to regions of the brain associated with movement and coordination—which is why many clinicians suggest using music therapy for improving physical function and neurological development among dementia patients.

In addition to these physiological effects, Music on the Brain also looks at how music can help sufferers better cope with their condition while providing them greater comfort and joy in life. Through its combination of heartbreaking personal stories and informative medical insights, this documentary paints a vivid picture of how music can help those living with dementia re-engage with life.

For anyone interested in discovering more about this fascinating subject matter and seeing firsthand how deeply powerful music can be for treating neurological disorder, Music on the Brain is essential viewing!

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David B