H.O.P.E What You Eat Matters

Sep 27, 2023 | Health, Videos

Nina Messinger, author and filmmaker, is on a mission to explore our dietary habits and find solutions to the health problems faced by Western society. In her documentary H.O.P.E: What You Eat Matters, she travels around the world to uncover what factors influence our food choices and how these can lead to better health outcomes.

The documentary examines meat consumption over the past 50 years, and how this has affected modern society’s rising rates of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. The film looks at different cultures in order to understand their eating habits and consider ways in which we could change our own diets for the better. It also investigates current food production systems that are contributing to environmental concerns like climate change and deforestation.

In H.O.P.E: What You Eat Matters, Messinger speaks with experts from many disciplines in an effort to gain different perspectives on the same issue – diet-related health issues – as well as finding out how we can make a difference through our own individual actions. She learns about nutrition science, food history, farming practices and more in order to paint a broader picture of our current situation regarding diet-related illnesses across the globe.

This thought-provoking documentary is a must watch for anyone interested in understanding how dietary choices can have long-term consequences on individuals and society as a whole. So join Nina Messinger on her journey of discovery – one that will undoubtedly challenge your views on food!

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