Food Fight: The Debate over GMO Labels

Dec 20, 2023 | Health

The debate over the labeling and awareness of genetically modified food has been long-standing and heated, with a majority of Americans unsure as to what food they are consuming and where it is coming from. This question is brought into the spotlight in Food Fight: The Debate Over GMO Labels, an investigative documentary that attempts to explore both sides of this contentious issue.

According to current estimates, over 70% of all food on supermarket shelves has some level or integration of GMOs in it. In fact, more than 88% of corn, cotton, soybean, and canola crops are genetically modified varieties. The FDA considers those crops substantially equivalent to those bred via traditional means – meaning they do not require special labeling. There is much uncertainty surrounding the potential long-term health consequences of consuming GMO foods due to a lack of reliable data and research – such as the potential for developing allergies or higher rates of cancer proliferation related to these modifications.

GMO research largely centers around two goals: increasing crop yields by making plants herbicide tolerant and introducing new strains with beneficial changes such as heart-healthy oils into wheat production. While many farmers insist that there is no increased risk associated with GMO foods, the focus has shifted towards whether manufacturers should be required by law to label their products accordingly so consumers know exactly what they are purchasing and eating.

Washington’s Food Fight provides viewers with an opportunity to learn about this issue from both sides – from an agricultural perspective as well as from advocates looking to introduce yet-to-be-instituted GMOs for improved quality of life. It provides an extensive look at the debate surrounding this topic in order to help build understanding regardless of one’s personal stance on the issue. Whether you’re already informed about GMOs or just starting out your education on them, Washington’s Food Fight offers valuable insight for everyone who watches it – so don’t miss out!

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David B