Dying to be Thin

Sep 19, 2023 | Health, Videos

For many young people in the United States, the struggle between their body’s actual appearance and what is socially accepted can be a matter of life and death. Anorexia nervosa has one of the highest mortality rates out of any mental disorder; over a ten year period, an estimated five percent of all those diagnosed with the condition will pass away. Complications such as starvation, electrolyte imbalances and heart failure may result from this deadly illness.

The documentary “Our Bodies, Our Stories” takes an intimate look at the lives of individuals affected by anorexia and provides insight into how society’s unrealistic standards can affect someone’s self-image and mental health. The film follows several different narratives as they try to break free from the stigma that surrounds eating disorders and regain control of their lives. Through interviews with family members, doctors, survivors, activists, and more this documentary brings to light how culture plays a major role in shaping our perceptions about body image.

This film is essential viewing for anyone looking to gain a better understanding into the impact that society has on those suffering from eating disorders. It is also a powerful reminder to never give up on yourself or someone else who may be fighting this battle every day. By taking a stand against these beauty ideals that are perpetuated by society we can start to make real changes in how we view ourselves and others around us. So don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn more about this issue–watch “Our Bodies, Our Stories” today!

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David B