Danielle LaPorte – How To Feel Truly Safe In A Seemingly Dangerous World

Oct 10, 2023 | Health, People

this special episode of The HEAL Podcast, Kelly sits down with renowned author and teacher Danielle LaPorte. She is one of Oprah’s Super Soul100 and the creator of the Desire Map that has had a deep impact on Kelly’s life. Forbes listed Danielle’s website as one of the top 100 websites for women, receiving over 5 million visits a month, while her podcast With Love, Danielle has earned a place in iTunes’ TOP 10 for Wellness. Marianne Williamson, an esteemed friend of theirs, referred to her as “a bright light in the modern priestesshood,” which Kelly highly endorses. Recently, Danielle released her book How To Be Loving: As Your Heart Is Breaking Open And Our World Is Waking Up — a work that is particularly relevant today as we are dealing with rising temperatures (both figuratively and literally) and an abundance of darkness needing healing.

During this episode, Kelly and Danielle discuss self-compassion, shadow work and divine guidance — all invaluable tools to help us gain insight into our innermost nature and make this world a better place. By connecting to their hearts’ wisdom, they explore how we can become agents of change through understanding our infinite potentiality.

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