Who owns water? | DW Documentary

Oct 23, 2022 | Environmental, Videos

Climate change is causing temperatures to rise. And everyone is consuming more water – whether it’s to make soda, microchips or cattle feed. But our reservoirs are running dry.
Investors are buying water rights, prices are going up and farmers are running out of water. The climate crisis is worsening worldwide. In many countries, increasing drought is threatening not only human survival, but entire ecosystems.
Livestock farmers are running out of water. In India, farmers can no longer irrigate their fields. People are fleeing their homes in large numbers. Who owns water? Will there be more and more conflicts, even wars, over water? What will happen if our water disappears?
This documentary in three parts and talks about what will happen when countries might fight for the water. The first part talks about the fight, the second about what happens when the water dies up, and the third part is what happens when water dries up.

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Riyan H.