The Story of Stuff

Dec 21, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The story of Stuff is an eye-opening documentary about the unsustainable production and consumption patterns we have developed as a society. We have moved from a linear system to an incredibly wasteful one, where resources are used up and disposed of without thought for the environment or those affected by it.

From extraction through sale, use and disposal, all of the ‘stuff’ in our lives has a direct impact on communities worldwide, yet it is hidden from our daily view. The Story of Stuff takes us through this process in 20 minutes, packed with facts and figures that will make you question what’s going on behind the scenes.

We are consuming resources faster than they can be renewed, creating a crisis that can no longer be ignored. This documentary shines a light on these pressing issues, giving us an understanding of how our actions lead to consequences both locally and globally.

The Story of Stuff is essential viewing for anyone wanting to learn more about the environmental issues we face today. Don’t miss out – watch The Story of Stuff now and find out more about how our everyday choices affect the world around us. It will leave you inspired to make changes with an understanding that every little bit counts!

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David B