The Pelican of Ramzan the Red – The Lords of the Animals

Oct 29, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

For thousands of years, the small fishing community along the shores of Lake Manchar have held a deep connection to birds, admiring their grace and beauty. This admiration has only been heightened in recent decades with the emergence of two local rivals – Ramzan and Mohammad – both determined to capture the most majestic bird species they can find.

The latest challenge between the two has been sparked by Ramzan’s successful capture of a pelican – an incredible feat considering how rare these birds are. As such, Mohammad is now as determined as ever to acquire his own pelican and prove himself equal to Ramzan’s skills. But while their rivalry continues to grow, so too does appreciation for these revered feathered creatures within this ancient culture.

To capture a glimpse into this remarkable history, documentary makers recently visited the area and spent time with locals learning about their tradition and insight into bird watching along Lake Manchar. The resulting film, ‘On The Wings Of Time: A Journey Through The Art Of Bird Watching’, presents a captivating exploration of these beautiful creatures and how they remain so deeply entrenched in local culture today.

From interviews with experts on ornithology to stunning footage from around the region, this documentary offers viewers an intimate window into the life and art of bird watching at Lake Manchar. Audiences will also be inspired by stories from locals such as Ramzan and Mohammad who continue to pass down their love for birds through generations.

Whether you’re already passionate about animal life or simply looking for an inspiring story from around the world – ‘On The Wings Of Time: A Journey Through The Art Of Bird Watching’ is an absolute must-watch!

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David B