The Big Freeze

Apr 1, 2024 | Environmental, Science, Videos

The world of the not-so-distant future could be drastically different than what we are experiencing today. If temperatures continue to plummet, in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere, to -90 Fahrenheit, life as we know it could come to a screeching halt. At -130 degrees, public transportation would become unsafe and those caught outside would experience certain death due to frostbite and hypothermia. Buildings would no longer be able to withstand the weight of the snow and ice, leading to an even further breakdown in society and infrastructure.

The power grid would fail with devastating consequences: no heat in homes or workplaces; no illumination on streets; no way to keep food cold or cook meals; no access to communication or banking systems; and ultimately a complete descent into anarchy.

This is not science fiction – it is reality. That’s why the award-winning documentary “Naked Science” looks carefully at what could cause these temperatures to plummet and how this could spell disaster for our planet. It paints a chilling picture of our potential future if we do not take action now before it’s too late.

So don’t miss out on this must-see documentary! With cutting edge computer animation, expert interviews from climatologists, atmospheric scientists, geophysicists and much more, “Naked Science” will leave you feeling informed and inspired about how you can make a difference in preserving our world before it

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David B