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May 17, 2023 | Environmental, History, People, Videos

Three street-smart scrappers, lifelong friends, team up to uncover a conspiracy that threatens their community. The new documentary “Scrapper Squad” follows Jim, Mike, and Carlos, three scrap metal scavengers from the Bronx, as they notice strange occurrences at their local scrapyard. Vehicles and equipment are going missing, metals are being miscounted, and their boss acts suspicious.

Using their wits and knowledge of the scrapyard system, the trio investigates further. After hours of surveillance and evidence gathering, they discover their boss has been stealing metals and selling them to turn a profit. The scrap metal was meant to be recycled and repurposed, not resold for profit.

The scrappy friends work to gather enough evidence to report their boss to the authorities. Their tight-knit community comes together to support them in fighting the corruption that threatens the honest livelihoods of many. In a display of bravery, wit, and teamwork, Jim, Mike, and Carlos are able to take down a greedy criminal and protect their scrapyard community.

“Scrapper Squad” is a moving documentary that highlights the power of friendship and doing what is right. The story of these three friends fighting for justice in their community is sure to inspire viewers to stand up against corruption in their own lives. Check your local listings to find out when you can catch this compelling film.

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David B