Salmon Confidential

Oct 18, 2023 | Environmental

Salmon Confidential is an eye-opening documentary that exposes the truth behind the government’s cover up of the serious threats that are endangering wild salmon in British Columbia. In the film, biologist Alexandra Morton discovers that BC’s wild salmon are testing positive for dangerous European salmon viruses associated with salmon farming around the world.

This startling discovery sets off a chain of events where the government works to suppress Morton’s findings and prevent them from going public. The documentary follows Morton as she dives deep into research and confronts powerful industry leaders to uncover the truth about what is killing BC’s wild salmon. Through her journey, viewers will be taken on an incredible journey full of shocking revelations, heartbreaking stories, and inspiring hope for a more sustainable future.

Those who watch Salmon Confidential will gain an understanding of how past choices have put wild fish populations in danger and learn about solutions towards protecting our wild fish resources for generations to come. Not only is this film informative, but it also inspires viewers to take action and become advocates for protecting our environment against corporate interests. We need more people like Alexandra Morton fighting for justice and pushing back against those who are putting profit before sustainability – we urge you to join us in supporting her work by watching Salmon Confidential!

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David B