*RE-UPLOAD* Iraq: Ghosts of Mosul

Aug 14, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Two years since its ousting, the impact of ISIS in Mosul remains. The city is struggling to recover from the physical and psychological damage caused by the militants who had once called it home. In Mosul, widows and children of former ISIS members are now among the most vulnerable and unwanted groups. Without official papers or recognition, they are unable to move freely within the city walls, having to hide away their identities for fear of persecution and retribution.

They face a bleak future – without access to education or healthcare, these vulnerable individuals remain exposed to further discrimination and abuse. For many of them, life has been one of displacement; having been forced to flee their homes in search of safety during ISIS’s relentless reign, only to find themselves again facing uncertainty following its demise.

This was brought into sharp focus in a recently released documentary – ‘Unwanted Citizens: The Children & Widows Of ISIS’, which captures an intimate look at the lives of those affected by one of Iraq’s darkest chapters. Through powerful interviews set against a backdrop of war-torn streets, we gain insight into how these forgotten people have been left behind in a society that seeks justice while simultaneously denying its victims basic rights.

The documentary also pays tribute to those on the ground working tirelessly towards reconciliation between communities that were once torn apart by conflict. It provides an essential reminder that no matter how deep-rooted hatred may be; healing can always begin with dialogue and understanding.

If you want to learn more about this ongoing crisis and what can be done for those who continue to suffer from its consequences watch ‘Unwanted Citizens: The Children & Widows Of ISIS’ today!

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David B