Paraguay, the Invincibles of the Chaco | Deadliest Journeys

Sep 18, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, Nature, People, Videos

Paraguay has a rich and vibrant culture, but for nearly 35 years, the country suffered under a dictatorship that kept it largely isolated from the rest of the world. But now, Paraguay is getting back to work and its economy is booming—everywhere except in the Chaco region.

The Chaco is a vast region spread across half of Paraguay, but with an average of only one inhabitant per square kilometer. Here, men try to find their place amidst wild nature and extreme climate changes—temperatures can swing from zero degrees to 50 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Most of the roads which cross through the Chaco are rarely maintained; traveling from one point to another takes courage and strength, especially during winter rains.

One such brave traveler is Michelín (nicknamed after tires due to his resilience), a 67-year-old man who still works as a transporter in his old van despite not receiving any pension. Despite the inhospitable climate, strange colonies of people have begun settling in this remote corner of Paraguay.

This fascinating journey into Paraguay’s Chaco region has been captured by director Robert Lücking in his documentary Michelín: Un viaje por el Chaco de Paraguay (Michelín: A Journey Through The Chaco Of Paraguay). Audiences get an intimate look at life inside this wild place and how one man has adapted to survive here. It’s an inspiring story about courage and resilience that will leave you feeling empowered

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