Never put on line /The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Sep 22, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, Media, People, Political, Videos

The 1961 trial of notorious Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann, was a groundbreaking event for both international law and media coverage. Held in an Israeli courtroom and broadcast around the world, the trial sparked global fascination and debate. This captivating new documentary from the producers of Being Jewish in France and Einsatzgruppen, provides a comprehensive look at the history-making event: from the dramatic capture of Eichmann to the riveting courtroom drama, as well as reactions to the trial from around the world.

Utilizing cutting-edge video and broadcast technologies of its time, this documentary captures every moment of this landmark occasion with incredible detail. It provides an essential insight into one of history’s most notorious criminals while exploring how a single courtroom battle tested international law and media coverage—and changed public understanding of the Holocaust forever.

This documentary is both educational and emotionally-compelling as it reveals how remnants of WWII still reverberate across generations today. It is sure to leave viewers with a deeper appreciation for justice and an even greater understanding of humanity’s capacity for evil. For those looking to gain a more holistic understanding of this crucial moment in history, we highly encourage you to watch this fascinating documentary.

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David B