Mali: The Army in the Firing Line

Sep 24, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, Media, People, Videos

On August 18-19, 2020, a group of young colonels in the Malian army staged a coup d’etat and overthrew President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, who had been in power for seven years. This momentous event came as a surprise to many and sparked hope for a brighter future in Mali, which has been struggling with political instability and failing public services for some time.

For those wanting to learn more about this historic event, there is now an hour long documentary available called ‘The Coup’. It charts the events leading up to the overthrow of President Keïta. The film examines key people involved through interviews with those on both sides of the conflict. It offers viewers an inside look at the inner workings of the government and sheds light on how the coup was ultimately successful.

This documentary provides an important insight into recent history and serves as a testament to the power of collective action. It also highlights how politics can sometimes be used as a tool to help bring about social change. For anyone interested in understanding more about these events, ‘The Coup’ is essential viewing. Watching it will give viewers a greater appreciation of just what happened on that fateful night in early August 2020.

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David B