Louis XIV – The King of France (1643-1715) – The Sun King

Aug 2, 2023 | Environmental, History, Videos

Louis XIV, otherwise known as The Sun King, is one of the most important and influential kings in history. His reign in France lasted from 1643 to 1715 and during his time as king he transformed France into an absolute monarchy and a great power.

Born on September 5th 1638, Louis was the first son of King Louis XIII and Anne of Austria. With his father’s death only five years later, Louis became King of France at the age of four. As he got older he spent more time with Cardinal Mazarin who was his mentor and lead advisor, helping him gain the knowledge needed to rule such a powerful country. Eventually Louis assumed full power over France in 1661.

Under Louis’ reign, French culture grew and flourished like never before. He established the Royal Academy with specific aims for literature, science, music and dance – which influenced many other European countries. He also initiated many grandiose building projects that included additions to the Louvre palace, Versailles palace and gardens – all of which represent wonderful examples of Baroque architecture even now centuries after their construction.

Louis XIV was also a militaristic leader who used diplomacy as well as warfare to extend his domain both inside and outside Europe; during this process he created alliances with other sovereigns which helped strengthen his authority over Europe even further. In addition to this, he continued political repression within France itself through censorship laws forcing any opinions against him to be kept quiet or risk imprisonment or exile.

One can not begin to understand French culture without mentioning visit famous visits by The Sun King himself – A major part of it was due to him. Even today Louis XIV remains an important figure in French history – inspiring documentaries such as “The Power Of The Sun”. We strongly encourage you to watch it so you can learn more about the complex life story behind one of the most iconic leaders ever known – The King of France himself!

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