Let There Be Light (1946) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sep 1, 2023 | Environmental, Media, Videos

Let There Be Light is a 1946 documentary directed by John Huston about the devastating psychological effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on World War II veterans. The film shows the power of psychological healing, as it follows the stories of US soldiers who were suffering from various forms of mental illness after their return from war.

The film opens with a harrowing account of what life was like for these men in combat: fear, violence, and trauma that lasted long after they returned home. It also includes several interviews with doctors and psychiatrists, who explain how PTSD affects the human mind. As we follow the stories of different veterans, we get to see firsthand how therapy and counseling helped them cope with their trauma and live more productive lives.

What makes Let There Be Light such an important part of WWII history is its unflinching approach to depicting how PTSD can unravel one’s life if not treated properly. It brings attention to a mental health issue that has often been overlooked or misunderstood – something that still remains relevant to this day.

Through its thoughtful story-telling and heartbreakingly honest accounts from those it affected most, Let There Be Light gives us an insight into the struggles faced by those fighting in wars since World War II. If you want to learn more about this devastating condition, this powerful documentary is essential viewing.

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David B