Lend Me Your Voice I Generation Africa

Aug 25, 2023 | Environmental, History, Nature, People, Videos

Akili Nadege was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1994 and had to leave her homeland due to political unrest. Unfortunately, she experienced immense tragedy during her lifetime, including the death of her father, torture and imprisonment. However, rather than be silenced by her painful experiences, Akili found a way to share her story with the world through an intimate documentary essay.

The film follows Akili as she reads her testimony to a group of strangers who will learn about her past firsthand. Even though they did not know each other prior to reading Akili’s story, the viewers will witness how a strong bond of understanding and empathy develops between them as they connect with Akili’s narrative.

This thought-provoking documentary is sure to make an impact on its audience, touching on topics such as grief and resilience while providing insight into the lives of those affected by war and displacement. If you are curious about these life-altering stories that remain untold or have been forgotten in time, then this feature is highly recommended. By watching this documentary, viewers can gain a more personal understanding of what it means to leave your homeland behind and confront trauma head-on.

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David B