In the hell of Peruvian jails

Jun 27, 2023 | Environmental, History, People, Videos

In recent times, Peru has been home to a high population of prisoners serving time for money-making activities. Through a year-long study of the lives of these French and European detainees and their families, our team uncovered the true costs of taking risks for financial gain.

The people that chose this life come from all walks; they were not necessarily hardened criminals but everyday people in search of something more. We heard stories from mothers who had lost sons, wives whose husbands were taken away, and siblings who were torn apart by the criminal justice system. The stories demonstrate that financial risk can result in catastrophic consequences.

As we investigated further, it became increasingly apparent that most inmates had limited knowledge about what drives the illegal monetization machine they found themselves part of. Many felt like victims rather than offenders, as they did not know how to properly evaluate the risk of their actions or how much it would cost them if they encountered trouble with authorities.

It was also clear that while some detainees may have an easier time adapting to life in prison due to existing support networks or an understanding of legal systems, those without such advantages often struggle on their own. In addition to dealing with mental health issues caused by their incarceration, many inmates are forced to make difficult economic decisions while trying to survive inside harsh conditions without proper resources or assistance.

This documentary follows individuals and families impacted by these circumstances over a period of one year – from when they enter the jail system until after release – and shows society just how deep the consequences can be when it comes to illegal profiteering. From interviews with family members left behind to conversations with inmates themselves, this film offers a unique perspective into the human side of crime and punishment in Peru today.

We invite you to watch this powerful documentary which will open your eyes to an issue that affects countless people around the

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David B