Iconic Couples of Hollywood : Barbara Stanwyck & Robert Taylor

Nov 25, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck were the ultimate movie star couple. Despite their wildly differing personalities, this couple had a deep connection that was evident in both their on-screen performances and off-screen interactions. Their relationship was special, real, and something that fans around the world could look up to.

The duo first met on the set of 1929’s The Locked Door. After developing an on-screen chemistry, they eventually got married in 1939. During their 8-year marriage, the two made 17 movies together, including classics like Johnny Eager (1941), This is My Affair (1937), and Remember the Night (1940). Robert Taylor was considered a heartthrob actor at the time while Barbara Stanwyck had already gained fame for her leading roles in films such as Stella Dallas (1937) and Double Indemnity (1944).

Despite their difference in personalities – Robert being a shy introvert while Barbara was an outgoing extrovert – the two managed to make it work and stay true to each other over those 8 years until they divorced in 1951. Through various ups and downs encountered during their marriage, even after their divorce they remained close friends until Robert’s death in 1969.

This incredible relationship is now documented in a new documentary called “Barbara Stanwyck & Robert Taylor: A Love Story” released by Turner Classic Movies. Fans of classic Hollywood can enjoy learning more about this iconic couple’s love story through interviews with family members, historians, experts and archival footage from both before and after they got married. From discovering how they met, to watching them perform together on

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