How Does the Italian Mafia Impose Terror?

Nov 27, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, Videos

Brando Baranzelli’s documentary “The Mafia in Naples” gives an in-depth look into a region of Italy that has been ravaged by illegal waste disposal. The streets, roads, and dumps are overflowing with garbage, and criminals seem to take advantage of the lawless environment. This environmental disaster has caused serious consequences for the residents of this area, making them the main victims of this criminal activity.

Specialized gendarmes patrol the streets searching for perpetrators and attempting to put a stop to the criminal activity. However, they are facing an uphill battle as the mafia continues to gain more ground with every passing day. The documentary follows these officers as they try to uncover the root causes of this problem and prevent further degradation of the environment.

“The Mafia in Naples” offers viewers a unique window into a world that many people only know from news reports or images on their television screens. It sheds light on the devastating effects of organized crime on vulnerable communities and provides an intimate portrait of life in these areas.

This eye-opening film is as important as it is informative, emphasizing how individuals can make a difference against powerful forces if they are willing to stand up for what is right. For anyone looking to learn more about this subject matter from an unrestricted perspective, “The Mafia in Naples” is highly recommended viewing.

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David B