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Sep 13, 2023 | Business, Environmental, Videos

Ghana is a small country located in West Africa, but it has a disproportionately large role to play in the global cocoa market. Every year, more than one million tons of cocoa are grown within its borders – enough to make it the world’s second largest cocoa producer. At the end of each season, farmers and traders alike take to the roads and bushways with their bounty, transporting the precious commodity through some of Ghana’s most remote regions as they make their way to the city where they can sell their harvest.

Jeff is one such farmer who makes his living off of cocoa. He drives a motorbike or walks for hours on end, carrying huge sacks of beans that will soon be turned into chocolate bars and desserts enjoyed all over the world. The road is treacherous as he navigates through mud-filled paths and dense forestation. He often faces financial hardship due to fluctuating prices in the market – but he perseveres nonetheless, knowing his hard work will pay off in time.

This story is just one example of what life is like for many Ghanaian farmers and traders involved in cacao production. To better understand this remarkable trade route – from farm to store shelf – a documentary has been produced so viewers can experience all facets of this industry first hand.

The documentary follows Jeff’s arduous journey as he traverses Ghana’s bushways with his cargo – shedding light on an area that remains largely undiscovered by those outside its borders. Through interviews with key players within Ghana’s cocoa industry and gripping visuals of day-to-day life for farmers such as Jeff, ‘Cocoa: A Journey from Farm to Store Shelf’ offers an incredible insight into how these humble beans not only feed our sweet tooth – but also provide livelihoods for those working tirelessly

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