Faith of the Century – A History of Communism – Part 2 – The Two Faces (1929-1939)

Oct 22, 2023 | Environmental, Media, Videos

In the aftermath of the collapse of communist-inspired revolutions in numerous countries around the world, Joseph Stalin made a drastic shift in Soviet ideology. He put a halt to all activities of the Comintern—the international organization that coordinated communist parties across the globe—and proposed a new strategy known as “socialism in one country”. This idea ran contrary to the official dogma of proletarian internationalism and caused much controversy among Marxist thinkers.

Stalin’s decision resulted in a major change in Soviet foreign policy, which was now geared towards fighting fascism. The new Russian thought embraced anti-fascism and championed it as an integral part of its program for world peace and progress. This stance was demonstrated through diplomatic initiatives, military operations, and ideological campaigns that sought to combat far right movements throughout Europe and beyond.

Despite its popularity at the time, this approach has since been widely criticized by historians who have argued that it served mainly as a political tool for Stalin’s authoritarian agenda. Nevertheless, this period remains an important chapter in modern history and is well worth exploring further. For those keen to learn more about this era, the documentary “The Rise of Anti-Fascism: A Story from Russia” provides an insightful look into how anti-fascism impacted Soviet politics during Stalin’s rule. Through interviews with experts and archival footage, viewers will gain an understanding of how this ideology shaped Soviet foreign policy during a tumultuous period in global history.

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David B