Deadliest Journeys – Vietnam: The Geniuses Of Mekong

Aug 29, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The Quan Hoa mountains of North West Vietnam are home to one of the poorest and most isolated regions in the country. Life is hard for the majority of peasants who live on less than a dollar a day. But beneath this poverty lies an abundant wealth – bamboo, known as Vietnam’s green gold.

To transport bamboo from these remote mountains, rafts are constructed and set off on the “Luong” river, eventually joining with Vietnam’s third largest river, the “Song Ma.” During the annual rainy season which lasts nearly three months, much of this trade is hampered due to impassable roads. The only machines capable of navigating them are tuk tuks or motorcycles, which have become almost revered as a form of transportation in Vietnam – where over 40 million motorcycles exist across the nation.

This region and its people offer an inspiring glimpse into life in one of Southeast Asia’s least explored destinations – no doubt this story would make for beautiful documentary viewing. With stunning visuals and incredible soundtracks, viewers could travel to these rural villages while learning about their struggles and successes through tales told by locals themselves. So if you’re looking for a compelling story that showcases both nature’s beauty and humanity’s strength, then go ahead and watch this documentary!

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David B