Deadliest Journeys – Congo’s trucks

Aug 31, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is breathtakingly vast, spanning an area five times that of France and ranking third in Africa. Beyond its size, this Central African nation is also rich in a variety of raw materials that are critical to many modern industries. In Katanga province alone, which contains three-quarters of the country’s wealth, resources such as cobalt, copper, zinc, gold and diamonds can be found in abundance.

These precious elements are used for products such as mobile phones and aircraft parts; indeed, it has been estimated that the Democratic Republic of the Congo holds around half of all global cobalt reserves. As a result, the region has become increasingly important as technology advances – a fact recently highlighted by a documentary titled ‘Katanga Business’.

Produced by French TV channel Canal+, ‘Katanga Business’ takes viewers on a journey through the DRC to explore how these precious materials have shaped life there – from aiding economic growth to fuelling conflicts among artisanal miners working in dangerous conditions. Chief Executive Officer André Kompany and his team at Katanga Mining Limited feature prominently in this exploration too, providing unique insights into their everyday work and motivations.

This documentary is an absolute must-watch for anyone curious about the economic impact of natural resources across Africa or interested in seeing first-hand how big businesses operate on a local level. From corporate offices to artisanal mines operated by some of the world’s poorest people,

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David B