Deadliest Journeys – Congo: The Wage of Sweat

Aug 22, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Typically good episode following an overloaded, top-heavy truck nicknamed the Warthog as it creeps The Warthog, a truck notoriously overloaded and top-heavy, was meant to take just a few days to travel its 650 kilometre journey through the Congo. But the roads were far worse than anticipated and it soon became apparent that this simple journey was no longer going to be straightforward. The poor conditions of the mud tracks meant that entire convoys of other trucks had become stuck in the mire, unable to continue on their way.

The driver, as well as all of the passengers who had paid to travel on board with their cargo piled high in the back of the truck, all felt a great sense of worry. This documentary follows their journey as they slowly make their way through some of the toughest terrain imaginable.

For those wanting more insight into life in some of Africa’s most remote regions, this is a must-see documentary. You’ll gain an understanding of what it takes for travellers and locals alike to get by day after day. You’ll also be able to see first-hand how conditions have been impacted by climate change and human interference over time.

This isn’t just a film about travelling – it’s about endurance against all odds and perseverance in the face of struggles both big and small. It paints an honest picture of life in one of Africa’s poorest countries and highlights the obstacles people face on a daily basis – from extreme weather conditions to roadblock politics.

If you’re looking for an insightful look into life across Central Africa or if you simply want proof that anything is possible when faced with adversity then make sure you watch this documentary about The Warthog’s 650km journey through the Congo!

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David B