Deadliest Journeys – Congo River

Jun 28, 2023 | Environmental, History, Nature, People, Videos

The Gbemani, a passenger ship sailing along the Congo River, is the only way to travel between Kinshasha and Kisangani, two of the largest cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Every year, 1,500 passengers make the arduous journey between these two cities – but with little access to fresh water, electricity or medicines, it can be a perilous voyage.

This epic journey has been documented in an eye-opening documentary by director Jacques Toulemon. The film takes us through the entire trip from start to finish and provides an intimate look into the lives of those onboard. It shows how people live and survive on this long and challenging voyage, despite limited resources and cramped conditions.

The documentary also sheds light onto a region often forgotten by those outside of Africa’s interior. We learn about different cultures and traditions as they pass through each city along their route. The film explores how people come together to support one another in their journey for survival – even though they have so little to share with each other.

Jacques Toulemon’s captivating documentary offers an inspiring view of life in some of Africa’s most remote areas. It is sure to provide insight into a culture that often remains hidden from the rest of the world. If you want to witness something truly unique, we encourage you to watch this incredible odyssey unfold onscreen!

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David B