D-Day at Last | April – June 1944 | World War II

Sep 1, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The D-Day landings of 6 June 1944 remain one of the defining moments in history, a daring and courageous mission that ultimately led to the victory of allied forces in World War II. The success of the invasion was due to a multitude of factors, chief among them being the element of surprise. Though hundreds of thousands had gathered along England’s southern coast in preparation for the invasion, German intelligence remained oblivious to the true nature of their mission until it was too late.

Hitler’s Generals had been convinced that the rough weather conditions meant a landing would be impossible, and thus were entirely unprepared when Allied forces suddenly descended upon them. Despite seeming insurmountable odds, this combination of surprise and sheer numbers would prove to be an unbeatable formula: British and American troops stormed onto five beaches on the Normandy coastline, eventually leading to Germany’s surrender.

The courage and tenacity displayed by those involved in this pivotal moment should be commemorated and celebrated even today. To understand more about what happened during D-Day, we urge you to watch documentaries about it. Through a combination of interviews with veterans as well as reenactments performed by expert actors, these programs offer an up-close look at one of history’s most heroic events.

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