Colombia: After the Guerrillas and Trafficking, a New Scourge to Fight

Dec 7, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The world’s second most biodiverse nation, Colombia, is facing an environmental catastrophe: deforestation. This man-made disaster is rapidly wiping out thousands of hectares of primary forests every year, leaving the country’s incredible and unique flora and fauna at risk. The Colombian military is now dedicating its efforts to tracking down illegal loggers, in an attempt to protect the environment and preserve Colombia’s biodiversity.

Education is also a vital part of the fight against deforestation. Younger generations are being taught about how important it is to preserve the country’s natural resources for future generations. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done in many areas, with the consequences proving disastrous for Colombia’s unique ecosystem.

To bring this issue into focus and give viewers a better understanding of what is happening in Colombia, a documentary entitled “The Battle Against Deforestation” has recently been released which follows the Colombian military as they take on illegal loggers. By watching this documentary viewers can gain insight into what life in Colombia looks like during this ongoing struggle over its precious forests.

It’s important that we all understand the impact that deforestation has on our planet’s ecosystems in order to make informed decisions about our own actions and behaviours that could harm these precious habitats. We urge you to watch this gripping documentary so that you too can gain a greater understanding of what life in Colombia looks like during this battle against deforestation, and help protect our planet’s biodiversity for future generations.

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David B