Charlemagne – The King of France (768-814) – Carolus Magnus

Jul 2, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Charlemagne, or Carolus Magnus as he was known in Latin, remains one of the most famous and influential kings in French history. He ruled from 768-814 CE and left an indelible mark on his people and Europe as a whole. Charlemagne was a successful monarch, leading his kingdom to unprecedented levels of power and wealth.

He is credited with expanding the borders of France to include much of modern Germany and Italy during his reign. His military campaigns created the largest European empire since the Roman Empire, while his governance system ensured that French law was respected throughout his lands. Under Charlemagne’s rule, France achieved unparalleled progress in science, education, literature and architecture.

Charlemagne’s legacy lives on today thanks to many popular depictions of him in books, movies, plays and documentaries. To really appreciate the magnitude of Charlemagne’s impact on Europe it is highly recommended that you watch an engaging documentary about this remarkable king. Through insightful interviews with historians and extensive archival footage, viewers can gain a detailed understanding of Charlemagne’s life as well as his lasting influence on European civilization. Don’t miss your chance to discover more about this iconic figure – watch this captivating documentary today!

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