Who was Karl Marx?

Jun 5, 2024 | Economics, Videos

Karl Marx was a German philosopher who revolutionized the way we think about society and its structures. Two hundred years since his birth, the documentary “Who Was Karl Marx?” examines his life and why his teachings continue to be relevant today.

The documentary looks at the evolution of Marx’s thought, from his critique of capitalism to the influence of his works such as Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto. It discusses how his ideas impacted politics all over the world, inspiring social movements and challenging beliefs that had been accepted for centuries. It also looks at what makes Marx still so controversial today – from those who praise him as a revolutionary thinker to those who consider him a dangerous radical.

For those interested in learning more about one of history’s most influential figures, “Who Was Karl Marx?” is an essential watch. The film addresses not only historical facts but also how Karl Marx’s theories are still relevant today. It offers an insightful look into his personal life as well as illuminating conversations with experts on Marxism. Whether you are already familiar with Marxist philosophy or are just starting to explore it, this documentary will provide new perspectives on this great thinker and his enduring legacy.

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David B