United States and China, both nuclear-armed, on the road to war

Nov 13, 2023 | Economics, Environmental, Military/War, Videos

The Coming War on China is an urgent and eye-opening documentary from award-winning journalist John Pilger. It exposes the dangerous reality that the United States, the world’s most powerful military force, and China, the world’s second largest economy, may be headed for a devastating war. For those who are unaware of the escalating tensions between these two superpowers, a viewing of The Coming War on China is essential to understanding the current state of global affairs.

Throughout this film, Pilger paints a vivid picture of the rising tensions between America and China. With in-depth interviews and gripping footage from both countries, he demonstrates how US-China relations have been crippled by a long history of political mistrust and economic competition. In addition to highlighting key events such as President Trump’s trade war with China and increased military activity in disputed waters in the South China Sea, Pilger also reveals how nations like India and Australia have become pawns in this ever-growing power struggle.

The Coming War on China is must-see viewing for anyone curious about what could potentially be looming on the horizon for these two superpowers. This thought-provoking documentary provides vital context to one of the most important stories of our time – that war between two nuclear powers could be only months away if no action is taken to halt it. This makes The Coming War on China not just an educational watch but a call to arms as well – viewers should take heed and watch this film now before it’s too late.

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David B