The Third Industrial Revolution

Dec 31, 2023 | Economics, Videos

The future of our world is in peril, and acclaimed economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin believes the Third Industrial Revolution is the last chance to save us. In his feature-length documentary lecture from VICE, Rifkin outlines possible solutions for an economy crippled by decades of stagnancy and a climate on the brink of catastrophic change.

This is no ordinary call to action. Rather than relying on radical political movements or outdated economic strategies, Rifkin offers a refreshingly optimistic view on humanity’s ability to recover from disaster. With insight and detail that have earned him numerous awards and accolades, he shares his vision for a global economy based on renewable energy sources, expansive transportation networks, and bold new communication systems.

The implications of this new industrial revolution are enormous: it could drastically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while creating jobs around the globe. It could also unlock an unprecedented level of communication between countries and cultures – enabling us to collaborate on issues like global warming more effectively than ever before.

In this groundbreaking documentary lecture, viewers get an up-close look at Jeremy Rifkin’s ideas for achieving sustainable growth – as well as what it will take to make them a reality. As we enter an era of unprecedented uncertainty and environmental crisis, executives, entrepreneurs, academics, and citizens must work together to ensure our collective survival. Watch Jeremy Rifkin’s Third Industrial Revolution today – it might just be our best hope for tomorrow.

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David B