The Great Euro Crash

Apr 12, 2024 | Economics, Videos

For more than two years, Europe has been stuck in an economic crisis that has caused Britain to plunge back into recession. But how exactly did the continent reach this point? In his documentary, BBC business editor Robert Peston takes a deep dive into the history of the euro and its evolution from Churchill’s vision of a United States of Europe to the present-day bail-outs of Greece and other countries.

This documentary examines how the euro was designed, what it promised, and why it ultimately failed to deliver on those promises. It takes us through a journey of exploration and analysis that covers everything from economics to politics. The documentary also includes interviews with some of Europe’s top economists, politicians, and historians who provide valuable insights into the creation, implementation, and current state of the euro.

The documentary provides viewers with an in-depth look at both the successes and failures of the euro, featuring detailed explanations about its design flaws as well as how it has led to current economic crisis in Europe. It is essential viewing for anyone looking for a better understanding of Europe’s financial situation.

The documentary is essential viewing for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of modern European history and economics. It is also an invaluable resource for those hoping to gain insight into why the euro was created in the first place and what led it down its current path. So don’t miss your chance to watch this insightful documentary – tune in today!

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David B