The Day of the Dollar

Apr 7, 2024 | Economics, Videos

The American economy is in a precarious state. The US is currently heavily indebted and many experts are worried that it could collapse under the weight of this debt. Such an economic free fall could potentially be even more devastating than the Great Depression, dragging us all down with it.

This pressing issue has been explored in detail in the documentary “Do We Live On A Bubble?”, which interviews leading economists, financial analysts and historians to gain an understanding of the current American economic situation and what implications these troubling trends may have for our future. With its astute commentary and visuals, this thought-provoking documentary seeks to educate viewers about the looming dangers of financial instability and to inspire them to fight for a more balanced economy.

Through their careful analysis of complex issues like global inequality, monetary policy, taxation reform and government corruption, “Do We Live On A Bubble?” reveals how our current economic system may be failing us – or at least leaving many people behind. As unemployment numbers remain high amid rising living costs, it paints a picture of an increasingly divided society where only those at the very top benefit from ongoing growth and prosperity.

For anyone who wants to learn more about America’s economic struggles today and their potential long-term consequences, “Do We Live On A Bubble?” provides insightful answers to some tough questions about our present day predicament. It offers a much-needed wake up call on how we can work together towards building a fairer economy for everyone – while there is still time left. So make sure you watch this important documentary now and take action before it’s too late!

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David B