Deadliest Journeys – Nicaragua, Endless Rain

Dec 24, 2023 | Economics, Environmental, Media, People, Videos

Nicaragua is a country facing tremendous economic hardships, which has led to widespread issues with its infrastructure. Further compounding the problem are the seasonal rains, which transform roads into treacherous mudslides that make it nearly impossible for vehicles of any kind to traverse them safely. This is especially concerning when it comes to the transport of dynamite, which is necessary in gold-mining operations in the region; the jostling and shaking of the roads due to their poor condition risk causing an accidental detonation of such explosives. Added to this danger are those posed by armed robbers and thieves who lurk along these roads as well.

Inland, things are no better; evangelical pastors often take motorbikes on long journeys to reach isolated communities deep in Nicaragua’s interior. These often chest-deep muddy paths require incredible skill and determination just to traverse, let alone make a meaningful impact upon arrival.

Finally, out on the Caribbean Sea, brave Miskito fishermen battle against powerful waves and strong winds each day in pursuit of their daily catch. Despite all of these obstacles, these hardworking individuals continue forging ahead in spite of all odds – a true testament to their strength and courage.

To learn more about how life truly looks like for Nicaraguans living through these tough times, we highly encourage you to watch this documentary about everyday people striving against insurmountable odds – because within each one lies a story just waiting to be told!

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David B