Sep 16, 2023 | Economics, Social, Videos

Michael Ruppert is an independent journalist who has gained notoriety through his predictions of impending economic and political turmoil. He gained particular attention in 2008 when, several years before the Wall Street crash, he warned of the potential for financial collapse. His prescient insights made him a celebrated figure in some circles – but also one largely shunned by mainstream media.

Ruppert began his career as a police officer and eventually transitioned into investigative journalism. He has since established himself as a sought-after speaker whose frank assessments of current events never fail to captivate audiences from around the world. His reputation as a reliable source of information about complex international matters has only grown over time, leading many to consider him something akin to a modern-day Cassandra with remarkable foresight on global issues.

His reputation was further cemented with the release of the documentary Collapse in 2009. The film, which featured an extended interview with Ruppert himself, explored his views on energy scarcity, peak oil, government austerity policies and other pressing topics in the contemporary world. This highly acclaimed work won several awards at both regional and international film festivals and continues to be screened in colleges and universities worldwide.

If you’re looking for insight into today’s most pertinent global issues, then Collapse is an essential watch! It will make you think twice about what’s going on underneath it all – and provide invaluable insight that few others can match. Michael Ruppert’s unique perspective adds an extra layer of richness to this already vital documentary; don’t miss out on this chance to hear one of the era’s greatest minds discuss his take on how we arrived here, where we are now – and where we may be headed next.

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David B