A World Without Money

Feb 25, 2024 | Economics, Videos

We are living in a world without money, and it’s changing the way we transact. Plastic swipes, chip readers and mobile apps have completely revolutionized the way consumers shop, pay bills or manage their finances. Not only does this new technology bring convenience, speed and efficiency to our daily lives, but it also opens up possibilities for a future of commerce that is completely cashless.

Documentary filmmaker Thomas Miller explores this fascinating concept in his latest film A World Without Money. The documentary examines the potential pros and cons of transitioning to an entirely cashless society as more and more people adopt new payment methods. It dives into the existing infrastructure needed to make this dream a reality — from banks to blockchain technologies — while looking at existing case studies that have already implemented cash-free systems.

A World Without Money offers an interesting insight into how our economic systems might evolve if paper money was no longer part of the equation. It’s a thought-provoking examination of how technology can shape our lives and our economy going forward — and it’s essential viewing for anyone curious about what the future could hold for us. So don’t miss out – watch A World Without Money today!

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David B