World’s Scariest Drug: The Devil’s Breath

Feb 21, 2024 | Drugs, Videos

The consumption of salvia divinorum, or salvia, has recently gained attention as a recreational hallucinogenic drug. Although some users claim to have an enjoyable experience with its use, the effects of salvia are often extremely unpleasant and physically dangerous. Medical professionals have voiced concerns over the potential long-term effects, pointing out that its use in adolescents can lead to mental health issues down the line.

There is a new documentary highlighting this growing trend among teenagers and adults alike called “Salvia Divinorum: When the Trip Gets Too Real”. The film centers around the stories of three individuals who each have had their lives changed after using salvia. The first is a college student who thought she was just experimenting with her friends but suddenly found herself at a hospital from an overdose. The second is a middle-aged man whose life spiraled out of control after becoming addicted to it for years, and finally there’s an older woman who has been dealing with flashbacks or post traumatic stress disorder since her experience with it.

The documentary also brings up important research about how this plant affects the human brain and body, as well as exploring its history including indigenous rituals practiced in Central America. It shows what dangers can come from recreational use and emphasizes that substances like these should not be taken lightly.

We encourage viewers to watch “Salvia Divinorum: When the Trip Gets Too Real” and learn more about this drug so they can make informed decisions about their personal use or advise any loved ones that might be considering taking it. The film also serves as an effective tool for prevention – showing how quickly one’s life can spiral out of control if mishandled – for those who may not realize how serious its consequences can be.

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David B