The 10 Best Documentaries About Homelessness

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The harsh reality of homelessness is a global issue that affects over 45 million people. From the streets of New York to the slums of India, no nation or community has been spared from its effects. But what can we do as individuals? One way to help is by watching documentaries about homelessness and learning more about how we can tackle this problem together. Here are seven of the best films for understanding and making an impact on this important issue. These movies will provide you with insight into the struggles faced by those who are homeless, while also inspiring us all to take action and create positive change in our own communities.


1. Evicted: The Hidden Homeless

Homelessness is an issue that affects millions of people around the world. In this video, we take a look at some of the best documentaries about homelessness. We’ll explore stories of those who have been thrown out of their homes with nothing but themselves and have had to endure cramped living conditions far away from friends and family. We also hear about how children suffer from bullying, social exclusion, and missing months of schooling when they don’t have a safe place to call home. With insightful interviews and powerful visuals, these documentaries shed light on a very real problem facing many people today.


2. UK Homeless documentary: Locked out after lockdown?

Since 2017, Manchester City Mayor Andy Burnham has vowed to end homelessness in the city. But four years later, with no real action taken, I took a journey into the streets of Manchester during the pandemic to observe what life is really like for those who are sleeping rough. In this documentary, you’ll learn about 7 of the best films that explore homelessness and how we can make a difference. Join me as I uncover stories and perspectives from people living on the street and discover ways we can all contribute towards ending this crisis.


3. Surviving Homelessness

Paul Suggitt, a filmmaker and extreme adventurer, recently made himself homeless to film an eye-opening documentary about the struggles of people living on the streets. From turf wars and violence among the homeless to their day-to-day battle for survival, his story reveals some shocking truths. In this video series we take a look at seven of the best documentaries about homelessness that offer insight into this difficult lifestyle. Learn more about what it’s like to live without shelter and how these individuals manage in such tough conditions.


4. Homeless Teenagers Surviving Chicago Winter

This documentary follows three homeless teens in Chicago who are determined to make a better future for themselves. Despite the odds, they remain true to themselves and develop new definitions of home that even those closest to them find surprising. Watch as these inspiring individuals battle traumas while striving towards their goals and ultimately creating brighter futures for themselves!


5. On the Streets

This 12-part video series takes a deep dive into the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles. Journalist and filmmaker Lisa Biagiotti puts faces to the statistics by exploring the stories of those living without homes, from their varied experiences to larger issues connected with homelessness. The series also features insights from Angelenos who live within that community, giving viewers an inside look at what it’s like for roughly half of all Americans without homes. Join Lisa on her journey as she discovers more about this complex problem.


6. Homelessness in Germany – What if you can’t afford a home?

Homelessness is an ongoing issue in Germany, with up to one million people currently living without a home. This documentary dives into the stories of those affected by this crisis and examines why the problem has been neglected for so long. It also investigates how real estate speculation and overcrowded aid systems have exacerbated the situation. The film follows several individuals experiencing homelessness as they try to survive day-to-day and explore what can be done to end homelessness in Germany by 2030. Join us on a journey through German society as we uncover why more people are struggling to afford their own place to live – despite having jobs or pensions – and take action against this ever graver problem!


7. How We Became Homeless In Singapore

Singapore is a tightly-regulated city, yet homelessness is still an issue. This series explores the lives of three homeless individuals to find out how they ended up without a home and how they are managing to survive in such conditions. We’ll gain insight into their stories and discover that even people who have worked hard all their lives can end up homeless – it’s not always because of something wrong in their pasts. Join us as we uncover this largely forgotten and misunderstood population hidden in plain sight.


8. America’s Hidden Homeless

Homelessness is a complex and multifaceted problem that affects millions of people in the United States—and around the world. For those wanting to gain a deeper understanding of this issue, there are some great documentaries about homelessness that shed light on its causes and consequences. From exploring life on the street to inspiring tales of how individuals have risen above their circumstances, these films offer insight into an often-misunderstood experience and reveal how we can all make a difference.


9. The Homeless Problem

The documentary shows the struggles and challenges that face people who are homeless, and asks questions about how we as a society can do more to help those in need. It effectively captures the heart-breaking stories of those affected by homelessness whilst simultaneously demonstrating the importance of taking action to resolve it. Not only does The Homeless Problem provide an insightful look into this issue, but it highlights the positive steps that can be taken to address and alleviate homelessness.


10. The Criminalization of Homelessness

The Homestretch examines three Chicago teens who must fight to stay in school and off the streets despite facing immense obstacles such as poverty, violence, and instability. The powerful documentary follows these inspiring youths as they courageously strive to beat the odds against them and secure their futures. While showing heartbreaking moments from their challenging journeys.


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