Science of Steroids

Aug 31, 2023 | Drugs, Videos

The use of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), commonly referred to as steroids, has been around for the past century. Athletes have used them in an effort to enhance their performance and increase their muscle mass. Steroids are a synthetic derivate of the testosterone hormone, which is normally produced by the body during puberty.

These substances have been shown to promote rapid muscle growth and give men the physical traits associated with teenage boys going through puberty. Despite potential risks, many athletes have resorted to using steroids due to its ability to significantly increase muscle mass and boost performance.

The documentary “Juiced: The Truth Behind Sports Enhancement” delves into this controversial topic by exploring various case studies, interviewing experts in the field, and analyzing hormones found in athletes’ bodies. It also provides insight into how these chemicals are being used and misused in sports today. This documentary examines the scientific evidence about AAS and addresses how today’s decisions can affect tomorrow’s health.

While this issue is complex, it is important that viewers understand that there are multiple perspectives on this subject and make their own decisions based on evidence presented in Juiced: The Truth Behind Sports Enhancement. Whether you are an athlete or not, this documentary offers a unique look at a topic that affects people around the world. We encourage everyone who is interested in learning more about steroid use and its implications for athletes’ health to watch this documentary as soon as possible!

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David B