Run From The Cure

Feb 18, 2024 | Drugs, Health, Social, Videos

In 1997, Rick Simpson suffered a severe head injury and was looking for ways to ease his pain. After much research, he discovered medicinal hemp oil which contained high concentrations of THC. To his amazement, it helped cure cancer and other illnesses.

Feeling obligated to help others suffering from the same ailment, Rick began sharing this oil with as many people as possible at no cost. In just a few short years, stories of people being cured of their cancers spread like wildfire and the number of those healed by Rick’s hemp oil grew to hundreds.

However, before long, the authorities found out about this unauthorized medical practice and swiftly confiscated the valuable medicine from Rick. This left thousands of people without their cancer treatments and resulted in false accusations of drug possession and trafficking against him.

This story has been captured in an award-winning documentary titled ‘Run From The Cure’. It follows Rick’s journey through the ups and downs of his struggle to provide relief to those who suffer from cancer or other diseases through alternative forms of treatment that are not approved by traditional physicians. It is certainly worth watching if you want to learn more about how people have been able to find hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

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David B